Placing of order: It means obtaining the permit to import the foreign purchased goods and registering them in commercial system. Once the order is placed and the product specifications provided to commercial system, it will be examined by experts. In case of not having any problems, it will be confirmed. Otherwise it will be rejected. Order confirmation (O/C) by the experts indicates the primitive permit to import goods.

Documents required for placing of order:

Placing of Order Process for Imported Goods:

  • 1

    Knowing the Tariff of the ordered Goods

  • 2

    Obtaining the PI from the Seller

  • 3

    Referring to International Commerce Deputy in order to fill out the Order Form.

  • 4

    Obtaining the Permit to Import Goods in accordance with Imports Exports Table from the relevant Organization.

  • 5

    Referring to Insurance Company to receive Insurance Policy

  • 6

    Placing of Orders at  an Intermediary Bank ( after  Inquiry form completion, for Opening Credit plus Bank form, Insurance Policy and  Permit, the charges for placing order shall be paid).

Modes of Placing of Orders based on Terms of Payment:

Banking Exchange

  • Sight
  • Usance 
  • Draft
  • Telegraphic Transfer


  • without Currency Transfer
  • Import vs. Export
  • Applicant’s Currency

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