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July 3, 2020
Rice import tariffs dropped to 4 percent
July 3, 2020

Foreign trade with Eurasia exceeded $ 2.4 billion

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the customs, Seyed Ruhollah Latifi, the spokesman of the customs, stated: “The preferential trade agreement between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union has been implemented since November 26, 1998, and from then until the end of June this year, during the seventh period.” In the last 26 months and a half, the country and the region have been affected by the coronavirus, and the country’s trade with the union has reached more than $ 2.4 billion.

He added: “Because basic goods are the main items in Iran’s shopping cart from the member countries of this union and are mainly imported through the northern ports, 72% of trade with Eurasia is the share of imports and 28% of our share is our country’s exports.” .

The Secretary of the Customs Information Council said: “The amount of preferential imports from Eurasia is more than 1 billion 169 million 44 thousand 965 dollars out of a total of more than one billion 737 million dollars, while this amount is 5 million 207 thousand 978 tons in terms of weight Included.

He added: “This is while the amount of our country’s exports to this union has been more than 681 million dollars and in terms of weight it has been more than one million and 655 thousand and 614 tons of goods.”

Latifi added: “Iran’s main export partners in Eurasia are the Russian Federation with more than 54% and $ 367 million in value, Armenia with 24% of exports and 164 million dollars and Kazakhstan with more than 15% and 104 million dollars.” And behind these countries are Kyrgyzstan with $ 38 million and Russia with more than $ 9 million.

The customs official added: “The main source of imports of goods from Eurasia to our country is Russia with more than 80% of the volume of imports and value of more than 1 billion 399 million 229 thousand 503 dollars, respectively, and then Kazakhstan with 287 million 192 thousand and $ 591 is white Russia with more than $ 33,732,651. Also after these three countries are Armenia with more than ten million dollars and Kyrgyzstan with more than 5.6 million dollars.

Regarding Iran’s exports to Eurasia, Latifi said: “Among the 20 main items of Iran’s exports to Eurasia, fresh apples with 14.5 percent, fresh and dried pistachios with 11.9 percent, natural gas with 8.1 percent, and fresh kiwis with 7.2 percent.” Dry wagons have the largest share with 3%.

He also spoke about imports from Eurasian Union member states: The main goods imported from this union include basic goods and livestock inputs, of the twenty main items imported from Eurasian Union countries, barley with about 27%, wheat products with 24%, livestock corn with 17.5%, sunflower seed oil with more than 11% and lamb carcass with 3.5% are the most imported goods from Eurasia.

The Iranian customs official added: “Regarding exported goods with preferential tariffs, pistachios, both fresh and dried, with a share of 43.7%, fresh kiwi with more than 4%, and dried grapes with more than 1.8% of the total exported goods based on They agreed on this agreement.

Regarding imported goods with preferential tariffs, Latifi explained: Regarding imported goods with preferential tariffs, barley with the exception of seeds with about 42%, livestock corn with 28%, sunflower seed oil with about 18%, and mutton with 4.7 Percentage of most imported goods with preferential tariffs.