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Import and Export is Important

Today, imports and exports affect almost every person in the world. Imports and exports help countries make the most of their myriad resources.

By exporting surplus raw materials such as wheat, or semi-finished products such as billet or finished products such as machinery, each country earns revenue to import another country’s surplus product. Marjan Tejarat Darya Company is a group for commercial services in the field of export and import of goods.


Facilitate matters related to the import of goods and cooperation with top domestic and foreign companies… More


Export of all Iranian goods, especially construction materials and stone, to export destinations in the Persian Gulf, Far East and Europe… More

Cargo clearance

Our experts have full supervision in all stages of the clearance of your goods, and with our experienced staff, the customs clearance process takes place in the fastest possible time…. More


Perform all the steps of order registration by the company’s experts… More

Your Dream is our Mission

Hard work with knowledge is our Faith

Marjan Tejarat Darya Company has experienced and knowledgeable staff qualified in import and export of any authorized goods.

Honored with title of specialized exporter of

Urban Furniture to Asian & European Countries

Exporter of

Natural Stones of high quality to Persian Gulf Countries

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